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Get this FIRECORD bracelet FREE 

LOADED WITH FEATURES - Firestarter stick tucks in to bracelet seamlessly

EASY TO LIGHT- Fire starter strikes at over 3000 degrees. Easily spark up any tinder

ULTRA DURABLE - 550 Paracord is military grade ensuring it lasts for years

NO SKILLS REQUIRED - Know how to light a match? You can start a fire with this bracelet

LOUD WHISTLE - Let people know you need help with the built-in 120db whistle

SURVIVAL TOOL - Unfold the bracelet in an emergency to reveal nearly 14 feet of military grade 550 Paracord


The FireCord bracelet is an amazing life saving tool that you can take with you everywhere comfortably around your wrist. 

The built-in whistle is a great way to eliminate the anxiety of run-ins with wildlife (or humans for that matter)

The fire starter and flint gives you the ability to start a fire just about anywhere in a matter of minutes.

And best of all, everybody is loving them!

Read Other Peoples Stories Below..

Alison Hodgins

When I ordered the FireCord bracelet my expectations weren't that high, but wow, this thing works great. 

The firestarter is so easy to use and we were making huge sparks all over the office. Oh yea, the whistle really helps with my anxiety walking around town at night. I love this product!

Chris Dostal

Awesome product. I had never seen one of these before mine showed up. I've used the firestarter a number of times now while camping and it works great. I've also used it as a party trick to light my BBQ. My buddies think it is the coolest.

I would have paid twice the cost of shipping for this awesome addition to my survival kit.

So why are we doing this? 

We are offering these firestarter paracord bracelets as an introductory offer to familiarize you with Explore Magazine. Our hope is that whenever you look at the bracelet you will associate outdoor adventure with Explore Magazine.

So with that said...


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